Our Rooms

Our Bedroom

"Life is Simple"

Based on the above quote, our bedroom is designed in a simple manner with a classic and unique architecture and a bit of modern touch which will be the perfect getaway from the crowd and any glamorous things.

Our bedroom is designed perfectly for couples. The bed is a comfortable King Beds size which is best for 2 persons. Small family are welcome too, the kid can stay free using the existing bed and facility. There is no additional bed or cribs available.

Bedside tables and bedside sockets are available. because we understand that your smartphone and any of your devices need to stay awake while you are taking a rest.

Air conditioner is available to make you stay comfortable in this tropical island.

Our Smart TV will keep you entertained while you're having your lazy day. All the channels are Streaming Channel. YouTube, Netflix and any "Videos on Demand" channels are available. (p.s. any channel which is using paid subscription will be on your personal account)

Minibar fridge is available to keep your favorite drinks stay cold.

Our simple Wardrobe will keep your cloths and any of your stuffs well-organized.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is attached with the bedroom and it will be your private bathroom during your stay. Designed in a simple way with a bit of modern touch.

Hot and cold shower, Echo Washer Toilet Bowl, Wash Basin & Mirror are available.

Completed with essential toiletries like bath towel, toilet paper, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and handsoap.

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